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Baseline Charge

Input charge amounts are on a store basis. If a selected refrigerant is not in a particular store then input zero as the charge amount.

Enter the charge amounts for each selected refrigerant
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Scenarios and Options

There are five options in this calculator:

  • 1) Retrofit to R-448A
  • 2) Retrofit to R-449A
  • 3) Retrofit to R-513A
  • 4) System Replacement to CO2
  • 5) Reduce Charge

Options 1-3 are a one for one swap of refrigerants. Option 4 is for end users that are removing their existing system and replacing all of the existing equipment with equipment designed for CO2. Option 5 should be used for store closures or situations where the charge is decreasing but the refrigerant is not being replaced.

Select the replacement refrigerant(s) from the dropdown list for each of your baselines and enter the amount to be removed.


"Global Warming Potential", "GWP", "Global Warming Potential Value", or "GWP Value" means the 100-year GWP value first published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in its Forth Assessment Working Group 1 Report (AR4) (IPCC, 2007); and if not contained in AR4, then the GWP value means the 100-year GWP value published by the IPCC in its Fifth Assessment Working Group 1 Report (AR5) (IPCC 2013).

"Greenhouse Gas Potential", or "GHGp" means:

GHGp = Σ(Charge * GWP)


Σ is the sum of the products of charge multiplied by the GWP for each separate type of refrigerant

Baseline WAGWP
Baseline GHGp
Target GWP*
Target GHGp*
Calculated WAGWP
0 0
Calculated GHGp
0 0

*Target WAGWP and GHGp are based on the CARB regulation to reach GWP <1400 or 55% reduction in GHGp by Jan 1st 2030. End users with >20 retail food facilities need to achieve an WAGWP of <2500 or a 25% reduction in GHGp by 2025.

Refrigerant Fleet Totals Initial Fleet Charge Final Fleet Charge