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Opteon™ XL20: bringing ice-making machines to the next level

The Frigotecnica company has been manufacturing flake ice machines for over 25 years. It was established to meet the needs of the local Sicilian fishing industry and rapidly expanded to become an important player in the domestic and foreign market.

Hockey’s New Power Play

Innovative, Safer, High- Performance Ice Solutions

Leading Performance Efficiency in Heating

Heat pumps are an essential technology to help enable decarbonization through the electrification of heating.

Your checklist for proper HFC phasedown

Do you know how to properly transition to lower-GWP refrigerants?

A grocery chain in France using Opteon™ XL20 as their preferred refrigerant solution

A grocery chain specializing in fresh produce launched in France in 2017, priding itself on its specially selected product range. Guaranteeing the integrity of their service offering relies on operationally efficient refrigeration systems in the front and back of store.

SK Refrigeration Heating and Cooling Ltd

Nationwide Produce Plc. Largest Opteon™ XL40 Project in UK for Cold Chain Applications.

F-Gase: Ein entscheidender Faktor bei der Dekarbonisierung.

F-Gase, vor allem in Wärmepumpen, spielen eine Schlüsselrolle für das Erreichen der EU-Klimaziele.

F-gases: A critical climate solution

Discover the safe and efficient new generation of F-gases developed in response to the challenge of climate change.

HFO Refrigerants: A Critical Tool for Climate Progress

Explore the role HFO refrigerants and blends are playing in the move to more sustainable cooling.

The Global Standard: 100-year GWP and Refrigerant Impacts

Learn why the 20-year GWP values proposed by some refrigerant marketers aren't an accurate measure.